Frequently Asked Questions

Toy Questions

Q: What are your toys made out of? A: Our Pebble Chew, Bounce Ball, and Crunch Ball are made from medical grade foam. Our Squeaky Chew Ball, Dual Layer Bone and Dual Layer Ring are made from extra-durable rubber. Our Dri-Tech Rope, Dri-Tech Rope Stick and Dri-Tech Rope Knot are made from moisture-wicking shaped fibers. All toys are tested thoroughly to be dog-safe!

Q: What toys are recommended for Mike Tyson-type dogs, the real tough chewers? A: No toy is totally indestructible, but toys marked Extra Durable can withstand a more aggressive chewer, even the heavyweights. Of these, the Dual Layer Ring and the Squeaky Chew Ball are especially durable. So go forth and play ruff. They will reach the final bell.

Q: What toys are recommended for the slower eaters or light chewers? A: Our Pebble Chew, Bounce Ball and Crunch Ball are made from medical grade foam and are very satisfying for light chewers. They are designed to puncture without tearing, but they might not last as long with an aggressive chewer so keep Tyson far away.

Q: Size does matter. How do I know which size toy to buy for my dog? We recommend toy sizes (small, medium and large) by your pup’s weight. But don’t ask them directly, that’s not polite. Trick them into stepping on a scale. Please visit our product pages to see the weight recommendations for each toy.

Q: Your scents are spectacular, but are they real? What do you mean when you say your scents are all-natural? A: The scent in a Playology toy is a derivative of the protein itself, so there are no chemicals used to create our scents.

Q: Are your toys safe for a range of ages from puppies to millennials to senior dogs? A: Yes! All of our toys are safe and recommended for any aged dog, from the teeniest pups to older dogs that have been around the block once or twice. Studies also show it’s hard to pry the teenage dogs from their phones. Always on ChewTube.

Q: Where are your toys made? A: All of our scents are 100% natural and made in the United States. Our rubber is from Singapore, which is the highest quality rubber we are able to find. All of our toys are assembled in China using factories that are thoroughly tested for social compliance by an internationally recognized independent auditing firm. We also have employees in these factories on a regular basis checking on them. We are truly a multi-cultural operation that starts and finishes right here in the states. Oh, beautiful!

Q: My dog is allergic to beef/bacon/chicken/peanut butter/cheddar cheese, or is at least pretending to be. Are your toys safe for them? A: Our toys are absolutely made using 100% natural ingredients. Which means we are using a very small amount of this protein to make the scent. So, it is possible that you could have an issue and we would err on the side of caution. Nothing sadder than a sick puppy. With our variety of available scents, hopefully you can find one your pup isn’t allergic to.

Q: More of a statement than a question but, my dog doesn’t like his/her Playology toy. A: Well this section isn’t for statements, only questions. Just kidding, a few points here. First of all, clearly all dogs don’t like all toys. And some dogs (the incredibly un-fun ones) don’t like any of them. But if your dog likes a certain type of toy there is a high likelihood that they will love Playology. When you first get your toy, if your dog doesn’t show a lot of interest, try roughing up the toy (bend it, twist it, etc.) as this will break some of the microcapsules and release more scent. It’s sort of like how the trendy kids these days prefer their jeans come already weathered a bit. If you still have an issue, please reach out to Karen by sending her a note:

Commerce Questions

Q: Ship happens. How much do I need to spend for free shipping? A: We offer free shipping on all orders over $24.

Q: What if I don’t know my dog as well as I thought I did. Do you offer free returns? A: If there are any issues with your Playology products or if you’re unhappy with the products for any reason, we never stop carin’. Just contact Karen in customer support at

Q: If I bought the toy in an IRL, physical, real-life store, can I return it to you? A: We want you to be happy with your product. If there are any issues with your Playology products for any reason, please contact Karen in customer service at We swear, she doesn’t bite.  

Q: What is the 1 for 1 program? A: It's the season of giving, and this year we're making sure that dogs in need still have a chance to play. It’s important to us to make better toys for dogs, and we want every dog to enjoy a Playology toy–even if they haven’t found their forever home yet. As an LA-based company, we wanted to help a local organization and are excited to partner with the spcaLA. For every toy you purchase at from now until Sunday, December 16th, we will donate 1 toy to the spcaLA.

Q: Why isn’t Playology at my local pet store? A: We launched with a few select partners so we aren’t currently in a lot of places. We’re still marking our territory. Plus, not all stores are large enough to accommodate the Playology lineup the way we want it set up. Yeah, that’s a humble brag. But we know, it’s a bummer. If you love our line, we encourage you to bark at the store manager for them to see if your local store would be a good fit for us. He or she can also contact us at

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